IO2: Social Enterprise Programme Framework

WHY → Why did we design this framework?

SIVSEN project’s aim was to develop a work experience placement programme that can be transferable to any social enterprise in Europe.

Young people’s ideas and expectations about work are partly shaped by experiences such as work-placements, work-experience, internships and apprenticeships. Thus, there is value in supporting educators and employers to create social enterprise workplace experiences.

HOW → How does the framework work?

The SIVSEN framework works in the presence of and with the active involvement of three key parties:

  1. The Social Enterprise Network  – Employers: encourage/enable VET/HE organisations to work more effectively to internationalise their work experience programme through an accredited provision in sectors that belong to the “new economy” and “social innovation” where an educational approach is missing.
  2. Work placement participants – Students: Participants undertaking the programme and experiencing the positive impacts that participation will have on their professional/personal development with an international experience.
  3. The Facilitator or Broker – Vocational Education and Training (VET)/Higher Education (HE) educators: build competences/understanding of SEN opportunities and a positive attitude towards embedding EU values, reducing the distance between this sector and the educational world through providing meaningful working experiences to participants whilst, developing their networks and internationalisation.

The framework makes it easier to host a work experience placement. It sets out the responsibilities of each group involved, provides accessible and meaningful activities for participants, and it can be face-to-face, online or blended.

WHAT → The proposed framework for social entrepreneurs, learners and VET organisations

The work experience framework is composed of a set of modules that can be adapted and enriched as appropriate. The modules can be stacked to structure a traditional 2-day placement or spread out over time through face-to-face, blended or even through a full virtual delivery in which some or all elements may be delivered in college or home. Considering the international intention of this work experience programme, this is a vital element as current and ongoing Covid-19 pandemic restrictions are experienced.

This programme can be used as a simple work experience programme, or by adapting some of the proposed activities,  a more detailed and longer programme can be created incorporating workplace based projects/activities to enhance the young person’s experience and allow for employer flexibility.

IO2: Summary Presentation

(used in the C2 workshop, in Plymouth, April 2022)

IO2: SIVSEN Framework – full document

Key visuals of the SIVSEN Framework


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