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An internship with a view on sustainability – Camelia Timiș (Romania)

CameCameliaTimis casestudylia Timiș (Romania) did a one-month internship at Civitas Consulting, a position linked to what she studied – project management, EU funds, EU projects, etc. She liked the idea of learning how it is to work in a consultancy company, being connected to her career plan. However, Camelia did not know that Civitas Consulting is a social business owned by a foundation that supports local entrepreneurs. She learned this fact during the internship when she discovered Civitas Consulting’s work values and mission: focusing on local agriculture businesses and always searching for community impact in the projects they design and support in implementation.

She worked in project management services, helping make technical and financialchanges in several projects. Also, she had the task of researching new funding opportunities. During her internship, she learned a lot about teamwork and business communication. She was fascinated that the company did not care about the money but mainly about the impact of the projects they chose to contract and work for.

At the end of the internship, Camelia was more confident in her skills and abilities, but mostly in her belief that whatever she does in this field of EU funding projects, she wants to make sure that the projects positively impact the communities.