Last transnational project meeting, in Plymouth

It took a while to take in the great experience we had in Plymouth, the UK, mid-November. It was the last transnational project meeting of our #SIVSEN initiative, but it was much more than that. We did some work for the project, but then it was all about getting even more inspired for our work in the field of promoting #youthinvolvement in the #socialentrepreneurship.
We participated in the Social Enterprise Festival organised by the SIVSEN partner – Plymouth Social Enterprise Network, getting new perspectives and food for thought for our next projects. The festival ended with a fun Quiz Night (we almost won 😉 ).
Also, we have visited several social entrepreneurship projects of Nudge Community Builders, dedicated to giving empty buildings back to the community and changing them into spaces for people’s growth. The heavy rain did not stop us from taking building by building and exploring the current and future projects.
Finally, we had the opportunity to visit one of the sites of the Eden Project, learning how one can bring the planet, people, and business together while focusing on all three parties and sustainability.
Many thanks to the SIVSEN project partners City College Plymouth and Plymouth Social Enterprise Network for this experience, and many thanks to the other partners – materahub, Fundatia Danis and Urkraft – for the wonderful shared perspectives and energy!