The SIVSEN project’s outcomes reach stakeholders in Italy

Over 50 relevant stakeholders participated in the multiplier event in Matera, exploring and discussing the SIVSEN project’s outputs.


Educators, students, local community of VET operators, social enterprises, business associations and networks, policymakers, as well as representatives from different public and private institutions, such as Unibas, SVILUPPO BASILICATA S.p.A., SCAI HEROES, Regione Basilicata, Regione Puglia, Europportunity Italia APS, Fondazione Matera 2019, Generazione Lucana, Regeneration Youth, British Council, and many others, took part in the event organized on the 8th of July by Matera Hub, the SIVSEN partner in Italy.

The event, organised with the support of the Municipality of Matera, was included in a wider conference to discuss, share and present initiatives aiming at stimulating young people, workers and students to generate local innovation and synergies between youngsters, educational institutions, and enterprises.

The SIVSEN outputs, such as the comparative study and the framework of organising work placements for learners in social enterprise, gave the event’s participants to opportunity to engage in a joint reflection about the importance of a dialogue between the social enterprise sector and the education sector. Many topics and ideas were explored, including the existing and potential local opportunities to build an ecosystem for all key actors to be actively involved in an innovative development process.


The participants also provided valuable feedback to the SIVSEN partners for the research reports, the comparative study, and the SIVSEN framework, directly supporting the further development of the proposed programme. At the same time, they had the opportunity to connect and talk about reasons, advantages, and ways of connecting their work and networks, to support the young people’s involvement in the social economy sector.

Explore the SIVSEN project’s outputs here.